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Achievements Making San Francisco Safer and More Just

District Attorney Chesa Boudin is taking significant steps to make San Francisco safer and more just.

He’s prosecuting criminal acts, reforming the justice system, and preventing crimes by attacking root causes such as mental health struggles, substance abuse and addiction, poverty, homelessness, and the prevalence of illegal guns.

“I’m committed to equal enforcement of the law, and to a justice system where the outcomes don’t depend on the color of your skin, how much money you have in the bank, or whether you wear a uniform to work,” Boudin said in an interview.

Improving Public Safety

Objective data proves that DA Boudin’s comprehensive approach to criminal justice is improving public safety.

The data supports Chesa Boudin's record

August 22, 2021

How San Francisco’s DA cut the city’s jail population without jeopardizing public safety

October 6, 2021

California's progressive prosecutors are enhancing safety through reform

March 9, 2021
Promoting Equal Justice Under the Law
Economic Justice
Combatting Racism and Disparate Treatment Under the Law
Applying the Law Equally to Corporations and Officials
Police Accountability: Historic Police Prosecutions
Police Accountability: Police Reforms

In a first for San Francisco, DA Chesa Boudin charges police officer show shot Keita O'Neil with homicide

November 24, 2020

San Francisco district attorney looks for new approach to homeless, mental health issues

Jul 28, 2021

Why Cops Are Finally Getting Indicted in San Francisco

December 9, 2020
Additional Accomplishments
Community Engagement, Advocacy & Respect
Reduction in Excessive or Wrongful Prison Incarceration
Minimizing Incarceration’s Impact on Kids
State Legislative Advocacy
Gun Violence Prevention & Responses
Prosecuting & Preventing Crime

San Francisco District Attorney sues ghost gun makers

August 18, 2021

New program in S.F. would help remove guns from people who pose risk to themselves, others

June 4, 2021

S.F. DA Boudin and anti-gun-violence advocates to sue 'ghost gun' manufacturers

August 18, 2021

I reject the recall of Chesa Boudin!

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