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Reject the Recall of District Attorney Chesa Boudin

Why another recall?

Across California, Republicans and their allies are increasingly turning to unwanted, unwarranted, and wasteful recalls - attempting expensive end-runs around the Democratic process after they lose elections. Opponents started trying to recall the DA even before he took office in 2020, and this recall - officially supported by the Republican Party - has already raised and spent more than a million dollars.

Throughout history, and especially now, San Francisco has been at the forefront of the criminal justice reform movement - a national shift in the way that we advance public safety and justice. For progressive prosecutors and their allies across the country - and for everyone who supports the reform movement - we cannot allow San Francisco to revert back to the failed, unjust, and wasteful responses of the past. The recall threatens to overturn the values San Franciscans believe in, and the clear choice made by San Francisco voters.

Why Chesa Boudin?

Republicans and their allies who prefer the failed policies of the past have opposed District Attorney Boudin since before he took office. The truth is not on their side. In 2021, District Attorney Boudin’s office has had a higher prosecution rate than his predecessor and he has advanced data-driven policies that improve safety and justice. Nonetheless, District Attorney Boudin has been targeted by a misinformation campaign that stokes fear and vindictiveness. San Franciscans won’t be easily fooled and our commitment to progress will not waver.

Recalls shouldn’t be abused as tools for political parties that lose elections. Voters elected District Attorney Boudin because they recognize the urgent need to reform an unjust system that has too often criminalized poverty, addiction, and mental illness; failed to hold violent police accountable; and disproportionately targeted people of color. The old, failed approaches didn’t make us safer - which is why San Franciscans voted for change.

What can I do?

Sign our petition below to reject the recall and stand up for justice! We will list your name as an official endorser, and will contact you with campaign updates. It’s important that we stand together to reject this recall, and allow District Attorney Boudin to continue his important work.

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I reject the recall of Chesa Boudin!

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